How to Select the Best Diaper Bag

Today we will talk about are four different styles available for diaper bag selection: crossbody messenger bag, Backpacks, Designer (or clutch) and Stroller


Messenger diaper bags area a very versatile bag great for shorter trips. These bags provide many pockets and are easily accessible while you are wearing the bag, which is a nice feature. These bags are typically less feminine and are therefore great for the whole both dad and mom. This bag is perfect for the family who can only afford one bag and are looking for something which is both fashionable, functional and great for the whole family.


Backpack diaper bags are one of the most popular bags available. The biggest draw to the backpack version is the functionality of the bag. As you sling this bag on your back your hands are free to carry, play and perform other activities that all good parents must do. The one drawback of the backpack bag is that they are not typically as fashionable.

Designer (or Clutch)

The designer diaper bags are great for the mother who is still looking to be fashionable. The designer diaper bags are very similar to a clutch purse as you typically hold it in your hand or sling it over your shoulder. These bags can be very cute and have plenty of space for all your diapering needs. The largest drawback of these bags is the functionality. When adding all the diapering needs into the bag they can become rather heavy for your shoulder.


The final bag is the stroller diaper bags. These bags are created to simply sling over your stroller bars for easy access. This creates a very friendly bag for all family members while keeping your diapering needs close to the stroller.

Finally, it’s now uncommon to find a family with multiple diaper bags. Each bag can serve a different purpose or for different length trips. For example you will need less diapering accessories when traveling to the mall compared to a long road trip. As a word warning which you will hear from many parents if you have multiple fashion tote bag make sure each one is stocked with it’s own set of diapering needs. This allows you to simply grab the bag and not have to stock it before each use.

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